Laveda Massage

Massage therapy for mind, body and well being


Laveda is me....

Hello, my name is Janet and I established Laveda Massage with support from family and friends - their belief in me and my 'healing hands' made this journey possible. 

"I started Laveda with a passion for massage - a great love of people - 

and a mission to provide a positive image for 

massage in our wonderful community." 


I began studying massage in 2010 while working full-time in the public service. Looking back, I can reflect on the difficulties of letting go of a secure job with a great income but that is where the joy ended. My journey forward was about finding my true value and place somewhere out there in the community. Looking back, I have no regrets, the calling was far to great for me to ignore and today, I am where I am supposed to be 'touching the lives of others'. 

Since 2010, I have completed the Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practice, Certificate IV in Aromatherapy. I have also studied Pregnancy Practitioner courses as well as completing a Diploma of Remedial Massage. I have a passion for working with the elderly and have recently also completed the Certificate III in Individual Care (one of my greatest challenges to date). I have spent hundreds of hours working in the community providing support and massage to the aged, frail and those in palliative care in their homes and in Residential Aged Care and the rest of the time you will find my at my clinic. 

As a body worker, my study journey will never end, in early September 2018 I will be attending a Myofascial Cupping course and when time permits Oncology Massage as well as Lymphatic Drainage. Stay tuned there is so much more to come and I am so happy I can serve my customers with their best interests at heart.

I thank all of my existing customers and welcome you if you are new to my massage clinic 'Laveda Massage' my pride and joy. I hope that I can inspire you, as I have already inspired many, to include massage in your personal well being program and help you to be 'a better you'.


Yours sincerely

Janet ...