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Workplace seated massage

Can you think of anything better than receiving massage at work? We can make that dream a reality for you and your colleagues with 'Workplace Seated Massage'. 

Workplace seated massage is the most suitable style of massage to use in a workplace because you don't need to remove your clothes and there is no need for oils or lotions. The massage is performed while you rest fully clothed in an ergonomic massage chair which will be provided by your therapist. To enhance the experience relaxing music and ambient aromatherapy can also be supplied.

Laveda's workplace seated massage service provides an effective method to reduce the negative effects of stress and muscular tension and can contribute 

to a happier, more cohesive workforce. 

This style of massage and the benefits it provides encourages employers to introduce a service into the workplace to demonstrate they are proactive about managing workplace stress and addressing muscular strain which can be 

caused by sitting and/or standing at a desk all day.

Sitting in an ergonomic massage chair places the body in a suspended position which relaxes the back and relieves strain on the neck, it also provides rest for 

the eyes which are usually glued to a computer monitor all day. 

A 15-20 minute massage to the neck, back, arms and hands can increase circulation, decrease muscular tension and help keep the body injury free. 

Seated massage is restorative and increases mental alertness due to the effect which massage has on the central nervous system.

  • Stress-related lost time to injuries & absenteeism.
  • Workers compensation claims & insurance premiums
  • Stress & muscular discomfort for employees
  • Worker fatigue & error

  • Employee wellness and improved stress management
  • Staff productivity and job satisfaction
  • Staff retention and moral
  • Workplace satisfaction


Frequently asked questions


Do you provide a seated massage service at a clients home?

In general, seated massage is not a service provided to an individual in their home, although we would be happy to provide this type of service at a special event such as a party or fundraiser. A minimum booking of two (2) hours would be required.

What is the minimum booking required to have a seated massage service?

A minimum two (2) hour booking is required to come to your location. This time-frame can accommodate 8-12 employees depending on session length (15 minutes per person is optimum).

How much space will you need?

A small meeting room or empty conference room is perfect as there are no disturbances which is optimum for the person receiving the massage.

What should I wear?

Your regular work clothes are suitable. Remember, that you don't remove any clothing to receive a seated massage. .

Will there be oils or lotions used?

No oils are used during seated massage. 

Are there conditions where massage would be unsuitable?

Yes. Although massage can be so helpful for many conditions, please let your therapist know if you have hypertension or diabetes, if you have had recent surgery or injury, skin disorders in the upper body, numbness or tingling in any part of the body, especially the hands and feet. You should also check with you G.P. prior to receiving massages if you have any medical concerns.

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